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When you're driving home one day and accidentally hit an animal (typically a fox), or come upon some roadkill. You then proceed to delicately place the deceased animal in a bag. You reach home and as you make sweet love to your woman, just before she is about to cum, you quickly whip out the bag with the dead fox in it and throw it over her head.
Mr. Nerbers was driving home one day when he hit a moose. He became extremely horny at the prospects of Fox Bagging his wife with said moose. He drove home, dead moose in tow, with a full boner.

Note: Mr. Nerbers is a Fox Bagging aficionado. He has experimented with various animals including but not limited to Frogs, Orcas, a White-faced Saki Monkey, and a Star-nosed Mole. Mr. Nerbers' only unsuccessful attempt at Fox Bagging was with a Level 4 Kaiju in 2009.
by OriginalPrankster99 August 21, 2013
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