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n. (aka "Fo-Fo") An overstimulated, hormonal, alcoholic woman. She likes to flirt with extremely young men and thrust her large melons at them. She has a thing for throwing baby birds against glass windows and hates roaches with the intensity of one thousand suns. She will try to recruit you to join her fleet of breast soldiers by telling you that you are her "mind-twin". She is obsessed with the holocaust. If you tell her you are Jewish, you will not only get an automatic 'A' in her class but she will also bump you up to commander in her student army. Watch out for this demon woman. She is illusive and may one day become a drama teacher which will make her even more difficult to spot.
"Oh man, I hooked up with this really young kid last night."

"Dang, you pulled a Fowinkle."
by pouhi9gftvugyijk May 25, 2008
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