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Called FSI, probably one of the most annoying forms of science ever devised. It involves theories, memorization of the periodic table, and lots of algebra that require four steps to solve. Many of these have frustrating formulas in order to determine specific heat, Boor's Law, mole to atom conversions, orbital notation, balancing from the activity series, and many others that can make your life miserable. Usually, the bookwork involves a large amount of problems that take hours to complete. The tests are also your worst enemy, and those who study for seven freaking hours usually get a 50 on every single test.
Scenario 1:
Miss Sakuraba: For homework tonight, please complete problems 1-9, doing every single problem!
Susumu: Are you freaking high on marijuana!? There can possibly be no way I can do every single one of them!

Scenario 2:
God dang it I failed Miss Sakuraba's Foundations of Scientific Inquiry class and now I have to take it again!
by Drillimation May 22, 2017
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