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A "Foster Stop" is a commonly used term in Alaska law enforcement that has its roots from a particular individual that has difficulty being on time to work. This technique has now spread across the ranks and is occurring frequently. This infamous and often practiced technique occurs when an officer is running undeniable late for work and therefore must stop a motorist to justify being tardy. However, a true Foster Stop occurs within 3-5 minutes of the time the officer is supposed to be at work and they are at least 10 minutes away. Generally, the offense for which the motorist is stopped is very minor and does not result in a citation. This does relieve the officer of any penalties had they been late and in turn has likely made the well prepared motorist that had been stopped late for their job.

As could be expected, this practice is frowned upon by other, more prepared employees who were able to make it to work on time. Any time an officer conducts this type of blasphemous stop, others immediately call out "Foster Stop" and shake their heads in utter disappointment.
(Tim) Man it's like 6:58, where the hell is Foster at?!?

Garble garble garble.....traffic stop....Garble garble garble

(Joe) You have got to be freakin kidding me!! He is 15 minutes away and just stopped somebody. He would have never made it on time.

(Tim) yup, he just did a Foster Stop.....well at least he won't be late now.......

(Joe) shaking his head in disappointment.
by iWitness February 06, 2013
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