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fortune cootchie
A 'cootchie', or vagina, in which is found large sums of cash. It has become this way either because the woman is a stripper, or because of some sort of sick fetish involving dollar bills and/or gold ingots. Also used to describe a woman of execptional beauty.
This term is a play on words derived from 'fortune cookie', the small cookies given away free at chinese restaurants that contain a 'fortune', a prediction of good luck or a small proverb.
"That bitch got fortune cootchie!" the shopping-cart-pushing man called out as the well endowed woman walked past.
The stripper said to Dave: "Crack open my fortune cootchie and see what suprise is waiting inside".
"You want see fortune cootchie?" the prostitute asked in broken english.
by Wayhard January 15, 2008
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