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A free Half-Life 2 mod created to be a source version of TFC. Has a player base of about 8 people, most of which are typical 100lb virgin nerds that play obscure HL2 mods like its a profession and/or sociopaths.

There are only 1-2 active servers at any given time. One of these servers is an OvD pickup. 95% of the time this server is full of lonely virgins and dev's who masturbate to each others KDR's. They also spend way too much time in an IRC channel that eerily resembles that of an AOL homosexual dating chat for middle-aged men.

This game is fun if you know what you are doing, but don't actually expect to play this game because:

1. You are already banned from the only active server(Old Timers).

2. If you do find an active server, the three players in it will be playing some obscure conc map, so they can suck each others e-peens(you can't conc anyway).

3. If for any reason statements 1 and 2 do not apply, and you find yourself actually playing Fortress Forever, you will be pwned off of the game by the: "pro's", racists, sociopaths, lack of updates, and/or Scuzzy.
"Last night I played Fortress Forever for the first time in my life, I played as a pyro. This player named Angry Bob started calling me faggot non-stop on his mic. I cried and rage quit for good."

-Typical FF n00b

"Dude, did you see that conc that was awesome I am TOO GOOD."

-Typical FF pro(virgin)

"I was banned from OT for saying hell."

-Typical FF player
by wildturkley April 19, 2011
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A Half-Life 2 mod that resembles the popular online game, Team Fortress Classic. People argue about the popularity between this mod and the game Team Fortress, but Team Fortress 2 is OBVIOUSLY better than Fortress Forever since over 50,000 people play it as opposed to the 200 people who play Fortress Forever.
Fortress Forever player: TF2 sucks! FF is better!

Team Fortress 2 player: stfu old man, Team Fortress 2 owns you.
by Arvingorn April 06, 2008
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