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Describing the teens at Forte Junior High, they're all headasses who always have to make drama and be jerks to people they don't even know or talk to. When someone complains about them, they immediately are insulted. When they could just stick to what they consider themselves, as people who "don't give a shit about what others think of them".
They also tend to care more about their football games, then just teaching school. Even the teachers are barely teaching, instead they let the students interrupt them with "Are you going to the game, Ms. ****!?"
And honestly, most of the 8th graders are the only realest kids. When the 7th graders think they're much better, they're worse. Most of the 8th graders there are super genuine and cool.
"Have you been to Forte Junior High? I heard it's lousy."
"Nah, only bitchasses attend FJH. Never."
by realest and rudest March 11, 2018
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