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A high school located in the heart of Forsyth County, GA. It was the very first high school in the county, built in 1956. It is home to one of Georgia's best drama and band programs. The school has a horrible football team and usually loses most of its games. The school's rival is North Forsyth High School. Students at this school are nice for the most part. The school consists of 89% white, 8% mexican, less then 1% black, and less then 1% other culture. The School is split into two campuses, East Campus, and West Campus. Both Campuses are seperated by a practice foot ball field. The school is located right up the street from Cumming City Hall.
FCHS(forsyth central high school) rules! Go Bulldogs! (even though you probably wont win)
by Gertlermust September 29, 2007
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