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1. Another name for a homosexual. Often referred to as "form'd." Signs that someone might be a formanger are: Always talking about "taking it up the ass," or even if they say something like, "I suck dick all night."
2. Someone's bitch. Formanger's usually will do anything from pay you to suck your penis for your own pleasure, (although to be a formanger, they will enjoy it secretly.).

3. A man whore. Will accept pennies in exchange for intercourse. Formangers tend to hit on everything that moves.
4. Formanging someone is when you have sex with a girl/guy in the ass, then when you have reached your climax you cum all over your partners' elbows. Then your partner claps his/her elbows together.
1. That guy is such a form...

He had sex with a formanger last night!
2. a sex slave
3. a man whore.
4. Try it out.
by HellaSex November 24, 2009
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