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A military academy full of horny males that are attracted to anything without a penis. They are great guys once you get past their ravenous, flesh-craving nature... really.
Katie: so, we went to FUMA today, and wherever we went, there was always a pair of eyes on us.. kinda creepy...
by sexylexy May 07, 2005
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"Military" School in central Virginia where how much money mommy and daddy give it decides your rank and whether you get kicked out or not and sports are worshipped despite their teams' terrible record. Great place to sell dip.
Cadet 1: He didn't get kicked out for all that?!

Cadet 2: The circle at Fork Union Military Academy is named after him...
by The Silenced Truth September 27, 2007
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A school in the middle on fucking no where and dip is the drug. It teaches you how to live with gays and how to be the best dick sucker. One important skill that is taught is how to masturbate without waking up your roommate. You learn to get around everything in life and how to hide fairly large items on your bod, cough cough.. there are too many ignorant niggers and weird ass white kids. takes away you freedom, social life and childhood memories and replaces them with images of naked guys staring at the bar of soap you just dropped on the shower floor. You learn to make a necklace that holds your soap after that terrifying experience. no bitches just a bunch of horny guys trying to organize a circle jerk. its a wonderful school :).
Fork Union Military Academy sucks.
by joe blows hard January 26, 2013
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