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The elusive white flag.

Giving up!

Throwing in the towel!

When somebody tells you Forfiet or Step Up! Like the song by, Chevelle. Have you herd of it?
Dear Ashleymondisneyfacesucker,

Forfiet is not an option! Does he still have that slight indention to his left ear, that the right doesn't have?

Forfiet or go for it Ash! Your choice!

Hey S, is he completely gay about that really butterbody 'K' girl or is she just dreaming in the day?

I herd she'll never forfiet her spank bank for him either. They're both off the scale of over loaded nuts, must be!

Either way, It'd be mad grimes to see you blokes again!

S: Yeah ya wanker,.... FORFIET!!!
K: NEVER!!!!
S: She's completely gay for you A!
K: Shut up you wanker.

K: NO, but Mr. Astley gets chops thrown at him when he's loocked into bedrock. S, I smell chicken in the air tonight and even Phil is sing Oh Lawd...May we call you Collins and eat you with ginger sauce my dear?
S: A did you know you've been K's spanker wanker since 93?
A: ....Awkward Silence
K: ,......Even Steven Awkward Silence! Does your boy ever shut up?

A: Not usualy, he says, 'mines, the craft is all mines?"

K: I'm confused!
A: We know!
by WankITForfiet/FindItMmmK August 10, 2012
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