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1. Lengthy text conversations lasting hours, days or weeks. These text exchanges are continuous and fluid with no clear beginning or end, and tend to be time consuming. These messages can be pleasant or unpleasant, however are typically with someone whom you currently have romantic attachment to, or would like to see romantic attachment in the future.
I should really focus on my studying, but my girl is really into forever texting and I can't get anything done. I do it because I love her!

This guy won't ask me out: all he wants to do is forever text! Let's go on a freaking date already! This is such a time suck!

I was in a forever group text with my best friends so no one went to bed until 3A.M.!

My boyfriend loves to forever text because he's working at a computer all day, but I can't really do it because I'm in social service.
by Grammar Cracker May 15, 2015
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