A span of time that is often interpreted to mean ALWAYS. But in reality it’s a mere span of time that lasts until a person decides to deliberately sabotage a thing, out of boredom, fear OR because they are simply put, a narcissistic pos.
We’re in this foreva.
I will ride this wave till it crashes, but a bitch thinks it’s foreva.
Togetha, foreva, for always...
by Mslorilove November 16, 2020
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I'll be who i am foreva
by nicole August 8, 2003
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a lie we all live by to forget all things come to an end.
nothing last foreva!
by tha real batman October 2, 2007
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yo man i had three dates lasrt night im foreva mackin
by kisha_btw December 16, 2009
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