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A high school located in Gastonia, NC. It was built in the fall of 1998 due to demands made by yuppie parents to keep their kids separated from anyone who might be different; ie, varying races & social classes. It was claimed that it was built to help with "overcrowding" at the other area high schools. Further proof of this is the fact that the PTO raised $1.6 million for "athletic facilities" upon the school's opening. Forestview is home to extremely cliquish students who spend their classtime drunk or stoned and still manage to pass, depending on their parents' income level. Their sports teams are all mediocre at best, and while the marching band was once successful, it has become progressively suckier with each passing year. While most students at Forestview continue on to four-year universities, it is often not mentioned that the majority of them fail or drop out before completing their first semester. Cigarettes in the bathroom are commonplace, as are student/teacher sexual affairs. The student parking area is a maze of beamers, land rovers, riced up used fords, and redneck mud trucks, all of which host varying illegal activities both before, during, and after classes.
"I'm so glad I didn't go to Forestview High, the nose candy & Hollister perfume would've been too much for my middle class self to handle."
by AlphaBitch1987 December 02, 2009
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