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In a suburb of milwaukeelies Forest Park Middle School. For grades 7 and 8, this small, 70's style school provides the area to 'learn' and 'socialize'. You learn when you are given pointless infractions, and you socialize during the fun lunch detentions. The school tends to be very clique-y. There are the SUPER popular people, the poplar people who aren't as cool as the SUPER populars, the sluts, the jocks, the pottheads, the emos, the artists, the geeks, and the few lucky ones who aren't labeled as anything. Rumours about parties and movie nights are spreaded around the school as easy as the common cold. But some teachers are nice, some people are nice, and the ala carte line will alaways serve delicious cookies on monday and thursdays!
Did you hear about those girls from Forest Park Middle School? I can't belive they were caught with that man.

The Forest Park Middle School poms team will always be the breeding grounds for skanks.
by xabcxxx123x July 21, 2008
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