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the jungle. Take the inner city and put it in the suburbs. About 10 dudes standing in front of bent creek plaza at all time. And don't even get into across tha street, where you got dudes in front of Shark's hollerin about dat K2. Some old ass buildings, and apartments in the woods. Everything from homeless to crackheads to wild animals hangin out in the trees. It goes down at the waaaaay back of the complex. Make sure you're not at the bus stop at the bottom of audelia, where you either get flooded out by creek water or whooped by about ten n****z in black tees. Continue down Forest and witness the procession of fuckery go by. These apartment complexes may look nice on the outside, but they importing felons by the dozens to fill up space. Go down to the budget suites where you got cats comin outta town, and the action REALLY poppin at all hours. And if you here for Big Mama's, they might be open, might not, hope you catch them at the right time
-all the way down the hill to forest Audelia? You betta be cautious, on yo toes, lookin around. Every second something goin down. And bring an umbrella cause it's always raining there
by Lul snupe January 17, 2018
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