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Someone who is not liked by anyone that comes in contact with that person. Generally this person is a male with big bug eyes that likes to foil everyone's plans especially if he thinks he can benefit from the failure of anyone else. Everyone will talk bad about this person even to his face and it rarely has any kind of lasting affect. He will just go on with his day thinking everyone still likes him!! This person will also sleep around on his wife and then act like its her fault to his fellow workers usually with military wife's with husbands over seas. This person can not spell at all!!! This person can also be refereed to in many one liners like...asshole, cocksucker, douche-bag, backstabber, elephant walker, Yankee, liar, liar, liar, cheating bastard, Jodie,
That military mans wife was foreskin-ed before he could come back home.

Why is Lenny such a foreskin-ed kind of guy, no one likes that asshole!!!

Her big bug eyes puts the F in foreskin-ed.

After you foreskin-ed me, can you please be kind enough to pull the knife out of my back?
by Blonde337 December 07, 2011
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