The Ford Five Hundred (code name D258) is the succeedor of the Ford Tarus. Currently the only engine option avalible is the 3.0 L Duratec V6 engine that provides 203hp@5,750 rpm. Though somewhat dull on exterior styling in excells in saftey, cargo space, handling, and value.
With m new ford five Hundred I can fit at least 3 bodies in the trunk.
by yomanwill September 16, 2006
As a matter of fact, the Ford Five Hundred will no longer be the name of the car. The Ford Company decided to stop production of the older roly-poly, boat-like Taurus, and name the Five Hundred the new Taurus mainly because of customer recognition for the 2008 brand.They also decided to name nearly every Ford car to start with an F except the Taurus; i.e. Fusion, Focus, Freesytle, F-Series... They decided that this was a good marketing move instead of actually competing with the reliable Japanese cars (most of which are made in America).
My buddy: I think I'm going to buy a Ford Five Hundred.

Me: Why is that?

My buddy: Because I like their marketing scheme. Most of the cars start with F's and 95% of their commercials only talk about the styling and how cool the car looks. Not the reliability, dependability, or resale value. It's a good company, I also saw you can stop an airplane on their commercial!

Me: You're an idiot.
by Andrewww November 4, 2007