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A genius work of pre-1960's mainstream Sci-Fi (and pre-Star Trek). Created and written out of respect for the novel based Sci-Fi/Space Opera genre. Also written as a space adaptation of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest". The story of Commander J.J. Adams and his crew (including the loveable and always drunk Chef) as they travel aboard the United Planets Cruiser C-57D to bring aid to a forgotten colony on Altair 4. Only to find one man:Dr. Morbius, his (sexually attractive) daughter Altaira, and a charming character known as Robbie the Robot who calculates and thinks with positronic nerve impulses applying the well known three laws of robotics. The movie delves into the primitive and egotistical evil (and blindness from that evil) caused by the "Monster from the Id". As the long lost dark secrets of the once technologically and morally advanced extinct race of the Krell are revealed, Dr. Morbius, J.J. Adams, and (everybody else) learns the truth behind the evil monster that massacred the rest of the colony and now seeks to destroy the crew of the Space Cruiser.
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by Noraxa July 28, 2013
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