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Fookit Ball is a newly developed sport that has grabbed the attention of many new followers. The sport was created as a recreational activity, but has turned into an epidemic. The sport is said to be "very addictive." Many players of the sport have reported this new addiction as something they "think about constantly, taking presence over normal day to day activities." Fookit Ball is so addictive that it can be a distraction from the average working day. All though there are very few dedicated Fookit Ball players currently, it has been deemed to be "The fastest growing sport in North Carolina."
'''The Rules'''

Fookit Ball has only three Rules (disclaimer, the sport is still in the developmental stage). These rules include - First Rule (the most fundamental rule of the game); There are not many rules, Second Rule; call your own fouls (although, if you due choose to call a foul, you will be subject to taunting and name calling from all players, on and off the court - from your own team and the opposing side.) Third Rule - out of bounds is up to interpretation from both sides (the game must go on). There will not be a Referee present during a Fookit Ball match. Each opposing teams are responsible for making agreeable judgments on questionable calls. If and when an agreement can not be concluded - two team mates must engage in a various name calling/taunting spree that will determine the call in either of their favors. Sportsmanship has been a core foundation of this sport. All name calling is taking with a grain of salt, and must be understand by both sides to be "part of the Game."


This sport has characteristics derived from three main stream sports. These include; Ultimate football, Basketball, and Mixed Martial arts (MMA fighting)
by rmkerby August 09, 2010
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