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Any food that looks and smells like a cuisiniary masterpiece prepared at the hands of the most holy of master chefs, but yet tastes so inconceivably repulsive that the body shuts itself down in rebellion of the flavor’s sheer evil and vileness.


To tragically deceive one or more unsuspecting victims at a meal by preparing food items that look undeniably appetizing, but taste insipidly vomitous.

“Don’t eat at Billy Bob’s, his wife makes a beautiful creme brûlée, but it’s actually treacherous foodwink.”

“I’ll never eat at McDowell’s again, they serve some seriously grevious foodwink. After the first bite, my mouth tendered it’s resignation, took out an early pension and then hopped a plane back to Zamunda!”


“Martha Bee wasn’t deliberately trying to foodwink us, she just doesn’t have any tastebuds – licked too many frozen flagpoles in the winter as a child.”

“I’ve never been foodwinked as bad as at your dinner party last month. My foliate papillae seriously cried the tears of a thousand dying unicorn babies for a fortnight.”
by Robot Vs. Martian by Skeem January 23, 2014
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