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A person who is manic about using coupons for the most possible number of everyday food purchases as possible. Chances are that if you want to do anything involving eating and the exchange of money, a food couponiac has a way to do it for less. A good way to identify a food couponiac is if this person has not only told you about how and when to find the ‘best deals,’ but will also attempt to get you to sign up at some obscure coupon site in the hopes that they might get some kind of bonus ‘referral’ coupon. Depending on how you value your time, there is a fine line between the money saved by using these coupons, and the time spent waiting for the food couponiac to find the appropriate coupon for the next act of consumption. While you may want to eat at a specific place, ‘Option A,’ if the food couponiac doesn’t have a deal for that place, they will insist on going to a place where they can use one of their most prized possessions instead, ‘Option B.’
I was in the mood for Mexican food for lunch, but Jonathan, being the food couponiac he is, could only find a coupon for a Thai place, so of course we went there. If only I'd signed up at the site he told me about, I might have had my own coupon for the place I actually wanted to eat at.
by ClarkerD February 18, 2012
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