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A ghetto hood located in southwest Houston. Area is home to many good weed spots. Although the street named "Fondren" runs from Westheimer to Fort Bend County, only the part from Braes bayou to Missouri City is actualy considered the hood. The intersection of Fondren and West Belfort represents the heart of the area.

The apartments along West Belfort and West Airport between Gessner and Hilcroft are often considered a part of the Fondren area. The area is bracketed by Sharpstown to the north, Missouri City (Mo city) to the south and west, and Westbury to the east. Fondren is often considered a part of Westbury, since the area feeds into Westbury High School.

There is an above average population of Africans and Jamicans in the area. Caucasians are an extremely rare sight and are only seen getting the shit beat out of them, having their vehicles stolen, and/or being forcefully sodomized.
My man be gettin his weed from this nigga in Fondren.
It's always bitches walkin around Fondren.
by Bogga Red March 27, 2007
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