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It`s a game where if someone sneezes, the one who sneezes needs to say `Fof´to save himself. If someone else says Fof first than the one who sneezed, the one who said Fof can punch, kick, push, etc to the one who sneezed. And in order to save himself the one who sneezed needs to touch a window.
Fof game:

Example #1

Juan Di sneezes

Juan Di safes himself by saying Fof

Julian stays watching like an eagle at Juan Di in case he seezes again

Example #2

Juan Di sneezes

Julian inmediatly says Fof

Julian beats Juan Di while he was searching for a window

Juan Di is faster than Julian and escaped to touch a window

Example #3

Juan Di sneezes

Julian and his friends (like 15 people) say Fof first than Juan Di

Julian and his friends beat Juan Di

Juan Di trys to escape but everyone takes him down

People keep beating Juan Di

Juan Di begs for mercy

People forgive Juan Di
by julian2124 May 08, 2013
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