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A player on PSN and some PC games who is a great team-player and will risk his K/D to save yours on FPSs or Co-Ops. an excellent marksman but perfers support classes such as the medic. Also a Vehicle specialist and will transport you where ever needed. most likely found playing MoH, CoD4, Mw2 any Battlefield, killzone, killing floor (pc), TF2 and other fps's.
player:hey man I'm down revive me!
Foehammerr: I got you buddy!
*runs through open space and gun fire to revive*
Player: thanks man
foehammerr: no prob.* gets shot*

player: dude i need a lift
Foehammerr: im commin' hang on *flies all the way to back of map to get him*
Player: i need to go behin the enemy team
Foehammerr:easily done

player: i need some hellp with points
Foehammerr: here take my care package
*player gets chopper gunner*
by crosshairs916 July 08, 2011
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