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Female personnage from West Cork. Likes car journeys and torturing small animals. May masquerade as a class rep, but won't organise any parties. Responds well to tea. Catch phrases include "milk was a bad choice", and "mmmm kay".
Dislikes it when people clap when planes land.
Student 1 - Hey, what's up with our class party.
Student 2 - Fool, didn't you know, our class rep is a Fodla.
Student 1 - Oooh, right. Oh, look, there she is now, HEY FODLA!!!
Fodla - Hey! Do you know what I dislike?
Student 1+2 - Ummm...
Fodla - When people clap when planes land!!!
Student 1 - Are you going to organise a party?
Fodla - Mmmm kay.
by japaindaymo February 05, 2010
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