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To accomplish a Fog Clog it require both skill, timing and an element of luck.
A fob clog is when both participants of the fobbing, release their fluids at the same time, and a 'clog' occurs in the recipients throat.

At this point its like a stalemate, however, unless extremely skilled, the recipient is likely to expel the fluids over the 'fobber'. If a skilled fobber is at work, they might be able to pull out and avoid the fluids.

However, be warned, a novice 'fobber' should not attempt a Fob Clog unless wearing old or unwanted clothes, as it is a very difficult and unique skill to acquire.
''It was crazy, I was Fobbing this drunk chick the other night and I totally Fob Clogged her up and I didn't know what to do, cause I usually Fob Win''
''So what did you do??''
''Well I sorta stayed there for a second or two, then pulled out and dived out of the way...!''
''Did you get covered??''
''No I got a little on my shoe, but avoided most of it..!!''
''Well played!! I've heard thats pretty hard!''
by FobMaster_2010 March 23, 2010
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