The act of taking a high platform behind an unsuspecting victim, taking a deep breath to embrace the extreme pain, and then jump high enough so you end up dropping down and teabaging someone directly on the head. Also can be preformed to someone who is sleeping, jump high enough so your balls end up in the victim's mouth.

Unlike normal teabag, you must at some point be suspended in the air, and it cant be one subtle movement, it must go straight on the victims head orgob.
Ohhh dude, that dude Allan was bending over to pick up a book he dropped, and when he stood up i flying teabag'd him!
by hurrdurrimahoerz October 16, 2010
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Top Definition
dropping your scrotum in someones mouth while in flight, more humiliating than average teabag.
while john was asleep i jumped off the couch and gave him a flying teabag
by brian o'gorman May 01, 2006
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The act of tea bagging a person while their face remains perpendicular to the floor. The one performing the tea bag must be nude in the lower region, get a running start and fly crotch first at another person's face. The key is good aim along with excellent timing, because it must happen when the victum has their mouth open and is unsuspecting.
While he was sitting on the staircase yawning, I gave him a flying tea bag.
by Renfield Garden Level Class of '09 November 09, 2005
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The only Kung-fu move that can not be blocked or defended against.
Adamo and I were involved in a grueling kung-fu on a scenic hill top. After hours of battle he finally secame to the last move that I had in my bag of tricks, the flying teabag. I emerged the victor and he walked away with the shame of having been flying teabagged. The shame will haunt his family and bring them great dishonor for many generations.
by Coach Eric August 02, 2006
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