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The one who created the world, and all its inhabitants. The Flying Seacat demands sacrifice in the from children, toes, and fishes, for the is the correct plural form of fish (proven by the Flying Seacat).

The Flying Seacat engages in enteral combat with the source of all evil, the Snakeray. Not only can these gods live under water, they can live on land and fly.

All who die go to a resting place of souls, Atlantis. The only difference between those who were bad and good in their resting place is those who did not please the Seacat will not have gills.
A part of the holy scripture

"And so the Flying Seacat looked down apon those it created. The Flying Seacat opened its mouth and let out a terrifying meow which shook the universe, causing black holes.

Those who worshiped the Flying Seacat on the planet Eeearth fell to their knees and looked above and cried out praises to the mighty being.

Then the voice of the Seacat was heard, it was terrifying and beautiful. 'Remember, I am always watching.'

And so the mighty creature created video cameras and began to tape humans."
by Makena, The Absolute November 25, 2009
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