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A rare creature: mint green bunnies that fly and can talk. Can be found with imagination or the right amount of drugs. They are said to look similar to pikachu if he were green and flying. They are most often spotted in England and have no known predators besides the denial of their existence. Flying mint bunnies are rather cheerful creatures.

A flying mint bunny has also been spotted with the character England in the anime/webcomic Hetalia. This is simply further proof of their existence.
"Flying mint bunny! Did you come here to try to cheer me up?"

"It was strange because the flying mint bunny was the first thing I saw when I woke from the coma."

"I'll be right back. I have to put my flying mint bunny outside. It's too cheerful sometimes, to the point where it can be irritating."

"Flying mint bunny and I have been united since that day I became addicted to cocaine. What a wonderful day."
by Poland Rule February 09, 2012
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