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While in the doggy-style postion on a trampoline one must seamlessly transition to a full nelson and begin to bounce. At this time an accomplice is needed to initiate a double bounce which provides the air time. When in the air the bitch begins to flail strikingly similar to a cockroach in mid flight.
Jim: can you come over later?

Bob: sure why?

Jim: i need your fat ass to give me a good bounce for the Flying Cockroach!
by 9D1F2 November 01, 2013
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Used for 'I don't care'.
When people say 'I don't give two cents', or 'I dont give a ___', instead, say 'I don't give a flying cockroach!' or 'I don't give a flying TWO cockroaches!', to make it even more dramatical.
by omw! December 11, 2008
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