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An act of masturbation using a fly. Beginning with the capture of a fly, the individual then fills his bath tub with water up the the bottom of his bell end. While seated in the bath the individual then pulls the wings off the fly and places it on his bell end. The fly will then run around on his bell end, unable to escape due to the water level causing the individual to ejaculate.
1. Person 1 - "Are you coming to the pub tonight?"

Person 2 - "Not tonight mate, I'm going to light some candles around my bath and flygasm the night away!"

2. Person 1 - "I had yet another flygasm last night"

Person 2 - "Well you know what they say; Once you go fly..."

Person 1 - "You never go back?"

Person 2 - "No, you lose love for your wife and her shitty sexual ability"
by Troy of Des-Troy May 21, 2010
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