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Flutterstep is a sub-genre to the third degree, being a sub-genre of dubstep (a sub-genre of breakbeat and drum-and-bass from 2-step garage usually featuring one or multiple 'drops'; in turn a sub-genre of EDM). Flutterstep contains vocal cuts from the character Fluttershy from the Hub's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. Flutterstep (as of 5/4/2013) has a very small selection of musical pieces, and large variance in musical talent is present between them. Some Flutterstep mixes are therefore amazing, with a perfect mix of dubstep badassery and Fluttershy's introvertedness and cuteness well blended and suitable even for club scenes. The other side of the spectrum would have you want to slay Fluttershy after gouging out your eardrums, and offer her slowly draining husk to Satan in exchange never to hear that song again.
Clouds VIP, a remix by Omnipony (Brony musician), is a typical but well-laid dubstep piece: variance lies between smooth tones and Fluttershy voice cuts from 'So Many Wonders'; and two drops where your head explodes from hyper-awesome overload. Avast Ye' Fluttershy's Ass on the other hand, is a crude and poorly done knock-off parody, which I hardly include as Flutterstep and more as an attempt to shine shit.
by Brony Definitions May 04, 2013
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