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A third world developing country between Iraq and Spain currently embarked on a bloody civil war to break free from its Russian masters. Flutternutter was found in 1569 on the 5th of December by British settlers. Flutternutter has a population 700,000 people and was at its highest point during the 1860's for its abundance of coal. Many flutternutterish people cry for monarchy of Great Britain,cry for democracy and statehood of the U.S.A,and some believe they are fine under Russian rule. The country is currently under leadership of its leader Vladimier Kretrainov but they fight for new leadership with the revolutionary leader who goes by the name Chandelier.
Tony Stark: "Hey im going to book a trip to Flutternutter."
Jimmy pop: "Nah man don't do that they might force you to pick a side."
Tony Stark: "Maybe your right Italy's better."
by Epicduck12 May 18, 2017
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The act of taking peanut butter and smearing it in your partner's ass during sexual intercourse. The proceeding to anal your partner until you cum in their ass. Making it look like the delicious snack called a Nutter Flutter or Flutter Nutter.
Butt cheeks= buns, peanut butter = peanut butter, and the cum = the marsh mellow paste
So I heard Anthony gave Kamii a Flutter Nutter last night, is that true?

I cant wait to make you a Flutter Nutter in bed.
by Ryan DeHart January 17, 2009
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