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The guy in charge of all the fluffing (sucking a male talent in preparation for an adult film scene). It is the fluff manager's responsibility to make sure that there are enough fluffers for one film shoot and/or multiple film shoots. The fluff manager may ask the fluffers to fluff himself, making him a bad fluff manager or BFM. It is rumored that Kenny G. used to be a fluff manager but this is a common mistake. Sucking on the end of a cock-shaped brass tube doesn't make you a fluff anything, it just makes you look gay unless you are the sax player from The Lost Boys.
When the fluffers didn't show up for the film shoot, the fluff manager had to suck all the male talent to keep them hard. When the tardy fluffers showed up at the end of the scene and were scolded by a very tired mouth.
by Dildo Backpacker March 21, 2011
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