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1) One who commonly flops around on the couch like a seal with too much blubber on his body making disgusting sounds.

2)A fat-ass piece of shit with no ambition who is, by definition, completely useless.

3)Someone who is so fat and disgusting that when they lie on the couch their labored breathing drives the observer into a homicidal rage as he watches them flopping around on their gut and peeling their fat, blubbery cheeks off of his cream colored leather sofa.

4) Eric, my former roommate. (aka The Flubbering Seal)
The Flubbering Seal is such a useless, unemployed piece of shit that whenever I think of him I want to beat him to death with a tire iron.

The next time I catch that Flubbering Seal on my couch I'm going to stab him in the larynx with a pencil.

"He sure does like to flubber, that whacky seal."
by Nemesis of The Flubbering Seal October 26, 2007
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