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A triple cross between "mental flow," "zoning out," & "ozone layer" that refers to a person's state of mind when they're focusing intensely on something; i.e. an essay, video game, TV show, book, or project.

If a person focuses intensely enough, they will become enveloped in an impenetrable wall of concentration, which functions similarly to the earth's ozone layer. This "flowzone layer" acts as a shield that tunes out any possible distracting agents.

The strength or fragility of the flowzone layer depends on its ratio of "recepticons" (particles that promote listening) to "oblivi-ons" (particles that promote ignoring). If there are more recepticons, the flowzone layer will be weaker, making the focusing person more susceptible to outside interference. Likewise, more oblivi-ons will result in a stronger layer that is highly resistant to distractions.

Just as destroying the ozone layer is bad for the earth, attempting to breach the flowzone layer can have damaging effects on the focusing person. If a big enough hole is created, it will let in large amounts of harmful "UV" (Uncomfortable Vexation) rays that disrupt the person's concentration, making the person increasingly hot with frustration. Frequent enough annoyances can cause the frustration to transform into rage, resulting in the "Scream-house Effect." The Scream-house effect is to be avoided at all costs, and this can be done by simply LEAVING THE FOCUSING PERSON ALONE.
"Honey, did you talk to our son Jimmy?"
"I tried, but I couldn't get through to him. That little game of his must have caused him to form a flowzone layer. It's hopeless."

"Dude, quit trying to show me those YouTube videos! I'm trying to do math here and you're disrupting my flowzone layer."
"Sorry bro."
"Yeah, you better be."

"Wanna go to Jimmy John's?"
"I said 'Wanna go to Jimmy John's?'"
"That's one hell of a flowzone layer you got there, bud."
by Jon B-C January 25, 2014
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