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Florydalma is a name: orgin: Old Greek
Stands for Intelligent, beautiful, independent women(girl),and carisma.
This name itself means strong and it most common on Hispanic girl with some Eurpeon Blend in them(mixture)
they are the nicest people you will ever meet they know how to stand up for themselfs and dont ned a man to make them happy, she gives the best advice and is always open to critisma because she knows she just needs to do her and not nobody else.

She is comferatble with her olive beautiful skin and it open about her body without being a harlot. She is exotic and knows how to be women and take care of her family.
Jake: Man i need a girl
Paul: Try the girl next door
Jake: Florydalma
Paul: Yes, bro she family orinted and knows how to treat a man
Jake: will she take me?
Paul:Just be you,and be funny she like Natrual rythem.
by Salvi~beauty December 23, 2011
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