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A state in the extreme SE United States. A long, low peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Population 15,982,378. 38% Mullet, 29% Hillbilly/Redneck, 15% Out of Towners, 13% Inbred, 4% Clancy, 1% Unknown.

As a peninsula state, Florweirda is surrounded mostly by water. It is commonly believed that many native Floridweirdians may have evolved quickly from simple sea creatures, in part, explaining their idiocy.
Florweirda, America's penis.

You should have seen the weirdoes in Florweirda. I think time stopped in 1992 by the looks of all the Nascar jackets and puffed up bangs.

Did you see that Florweirdian's mullet?
by Morla the Blonde Ho June 29, 2006
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