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The last bastion of civilization in NoCo. A victim of white flight, and cautionary reminder to keep up your credit score. Florissant is a diverse neighborhood, full of black people that feel they are finally moving up and white people that are too poor to move away from them.
For people living in St Charles, Flo Mo is the hood. For the tough-ass people of Florissant, the REAL hood is the unincorporated areas surrounding Florissant that have fewer housing restrictions, lower standards, and taller grass. The unwashed masses in unincorporated WISH they lived in Florissant. "I live in Florissant, at 367 and Parker." "That ain't Florissant, dumbass." "I have a Flo Mo zip code!" "That don't mean shit. Those are county cops busting your keggers, bitch."
St Louis NoCo Flo Mo Florissant
by oldestgenxer December 04, 2010
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