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A small religion which was founded in 2009 by Florinda and Florinda's doggy. Florindus believe in violence, sexual acts and internet addictions. They tend to worship in small areas or underneath tables. They worship the Florindu god who is called Florinda. She often brings luck to Florindu's and encourages them to do the right thing in tough situations. Florindu's communicate with Florinda through nosecalls. These are simply conversations transmitted through the nose.

A Florindu language is also developing which includes words such as 'Shrinehinetrine' meaning hello.

This religion is targeted at younger people and is rapidly growing thoroughout the world.
Florindu Beth and Florindu Jess were in trouble.
FB: what are we going to do?
FJ: i know i'll ask Florinda (presses down her nose)

Shrinehinetrine Florinda, we need your help!

Within minutes the problem was sorted.
by ShrineHineTrine July 12, 2010
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