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An mighty creature found in the South West region of England, a creature that resembles very much the male genital organ of higher vertebrates (penis). carrying 8 tons worth of the best tasty semen known to the human race. Using its large third eye, the creature skulked around various vegetated areas in the peak of night seeking out a suitable mate to plow and release its great flow of sticky juices. Due to the creature struggling with erectile dysfunctions and various other health conditions it constantly remained flaccid and slack. The Floppadopoulos is believed to be exstinct however rumours have it that one still exsits somewhere in British Isles.
1) Haha your semen tastes soo good, are you secretly a Floppadopoulos

2) Can't get it up ..... you remind me of a Floppadopoulos

3) hey Jack you are a Floppadopoulos

4) Lets capture a Floppadopoulos and sell its juices to loose desperate women.
by THE HUMUS GREEK MONSTER February 08, 2012
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