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When a town or area is flooded and all the people whose homes are destroyed go back in a week later and rebuild it. Many think it will never happen again even though it has occured several times in the last few years. Most take handouts from the government when major flood event happens and complain when they have to do anything to help their situation.

A vicious cycle that occurs every wet season.
Local Official: “Sir, your home has been flooded up to the eaves and there is black mold growing in it. You may have to relocate since this is a dangerous home in a high hazard area.”

Homeowner: “It never flooded here. I’ve lived here 20 years and no water has ever got in my home. That black line is a new decorating technique from France. ”

Local Official: “There is a fish flopping in your Lazy-Boy.”

Homeowner: “That’s my son Billy.”

Local Official: “It smells like mildew and mold in here.”

Homeowner: “Potpourri”

Local Official: “It will flood here again.”

Homeowner: “It will never flood here because that levee will never break. They just rebuilt it again for the fourth time and it is stronger than ever. You are just trying to harass me. Living by the Mississippi River does not pose a threat! This is all a government conspiracy. I only had water around my house, not in it. Now give me my money! ”

Local Official: "You are in flood denial."

Homeowner: "What flood? It's never flooded here."
by Stinky MacBurr December 31, 2012
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