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Flontage is a verb and it represents the finger action that contestants on shows like American Idol or Dancing With the Stars do during voting ceremonies.
An American Idol contestant would like the viewing audience to vote for them. They have a telephone number placed beneath them on the television screen that you must call to cast your vote. This number happens to end in the number four, as they are contestant number four.
In an attempt to get your vote contestant number four does everything in their power to get your attention.
Pulling out all the stops they dance and shimmy and act like they are holding their number up on your TV screen. Instead of using one hand with four fingers to represent the number four, they will flontage. Contestant four will use two fingers on each hand to represent the number four (2+2=4). There may even be a dance involved in which the fingers are moved and twisted then held up to the eyes, sort of like the John Travolta dance in Pulp Fiction.
by Aimers Von Aimerson April 30, 2008
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