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A flourishing person, always productive, practical and reserved, this person is a hard-working, down-to-earth whose foresight has taken them the long term of stability and strength to achieve anything their heart desire. These believe in true love and will wait patiently for it, and when finding it, will work very hard to keep it. They have high standards and will admire from afar before making their move.

These are beautiful people, mixed with Indian, French and one or two more cultural gene they will have thick curly raven black hair and dark brown sunset eyes. A broad smile featuring some strong chin and chiseled jaw or (for women) pointy chin and smooth milky skin with sharp pointy nose and thin darkly colored (natural) lips.
"Floissac always smile with his eyes"

"Mrs. Floissac hairpin snapped and waves of dark curly hair was let down in her face!"

"Floissac went on the Cancer Walk with his wife, can't believe he took time off for that!"
by AegisYael October 20, 2017
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