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Flogsterbaffen - One that pretains to a dead baby, often males and infants. Your mom and cookies at 3:47 P.M. EST and 15 minutes ago. Whence a upon a time, characters A your mom and B your moms cookies are pretained and ordained to a cow or a personal back rub by one of the royal family. If intact your genitals can be used for sexual reproduction of the 9th degree and so forth on. When the time is right Jesus will descend again upon this earth in heavenly light and China being the communist assholes they are will kill us all with their rapid reproductin rate causing a massive army to amass and their piece of shit nucler weapons. Canada on the other hand will what is going on eh? and continue to be dumbass socialistic retards whose closest thing to a deadly weapon is a firecracker in a coke can. You see the FC will explode inside the coke can and blow it A either apart casuing shrapnel to rip off your hairy balls or B making the can do a flip. Fish turn on the world.
Ben: Flogsterbaffen on jur mooma?
Dover: Jonny go bye bye woot cookies abd milk.
Jacques:(Jocks) You call these bagels?
Strap: My pink floyd cd had a spelling test in it.
Dead Baby: rawr.
by Bryan. March 11, 2005
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