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There really isn't a definition. You might of heard of the word Flagnoff.

That word is false.

It was a school day and I was really pi$$ed that a girl was being jerk-ish, so when my best friend asked me what's up I said: Nothing, but (that girl) is just being a flognoff.


Well teacher's like to give green cards to kids who swear.

So pretty much it's a substitute for a swear word.

Why is there two Flognoff's but spelled differently?

Well because after I started to say Flognoff more, other people started saying it more. Like my best friend. Thing is, I didn't expect her to pronounce it "Flagnoff" and Urban Dictionary it. When I noticed how much she was kind of rubbing it in that it was pronounced her way so it was her word, I got really pi$$ed. So I'm making sure everyone knows that Flagnoff is not the original word.

So why didn't you do this before?

Because I didn't think that having invented the word meant a lot until my friend made it it.

Oh my flognoffs!
You're such a flognoff!
Flognoff you!
Flognoff my life.
She's such a flognoff.

That was flognoffy.

Flognoffs to you!
by KELLYOTOY June 14, 2011
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