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Either looks like or is a fan of the Irish punk rock band Flogging Molly. Distinguished by Innes Skateboards or gear, fedoras or newsboy caps or Flogging Molly t-shirts. Irish Punks with class. More recent than the Pogues, more serious than the Business, and better songs than Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly Dudes often have good taste in bands and don't give a shite if it plays much on the radio. To be described as a Flogging Molly Dude is never an insult. At a party, the Flogging Molly Dude can always outdrink, outfight, outwit, and outlast anyone and then ends up with all the hot chicks.
Shannon was hanging out with this lame-assed wannabe rapper until these Flogging Molly Dudes showed up at her party. One look at them and she dropped her man like a bad habit.

Next thing you know, she is drinking Guinness and singing, "Devil's Dance Floor" like she's staright outta Ireland.
by SCRhollywood November 23, 2009
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A name to describe a very hot male. The original Flogging Molly Dude is believed to be hailed from Calgary and attented a catholic juinor high school. He was named so, after he was spotted sporting a Flogging Molly gym shirt.
Person 1: Oh look at him! He's hot!
Person 2: Thats a Flogging Molly Dude!
by Camel Sykes August 21, 2008
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