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When people market their products by flirting with you and making you feel special, only to realize that they are probably doing this to everyone on social media.
That guy just sent me all these private messages complimenting me on my style and how cool I was and then told me he can't wait for me to hear his new music album, after I sign up on his website. His flirteting almost got me! Combination of flirting and marketing
by Xtiaanity September 03, 2015
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When someone uses flirting with the hopes that you will buy their product, such as music album, or get you on an emailing list. Combination of flirting and marketing
Just when I thought the cute guy was gonna ask me out, he told me to follow him on instagram so that I can find out when his new album comes out on iTunes. I was a victim of flirteting.
by christiaanity September 13, 2015
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