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People who don't commit to one single opportunity, and end up making up a mess of many.
They are only marginally successful in each opportunity that they embark on.

Comparable to Shiny Object Syndrome. But not so grave.
"John is a flipperoo. He does Forex, but when Stocks came along, he jumped in. When ecommerce came on, he tried to sell stuff online to make a little bit of money."

John today still has not mastered any skill for that matter of fact.
by whistlehorn January 01, 2019
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When a young male gets a boner in a public places or around someone, and it is extremely noticable and obivious and he must do something to hide the fact it is busting outta his pants, so then he takes a quick look left n right and makes sure no one is watch then he quickly slips his weaker hand down the front of his pants and takes his penis and sticks it so it is standing up and protected by the waist of the pants. Once a male gets good at this, it takes less then 3.5 seconds to complete.

but dont do it in a bathing auit because i didnt have a shirt on and it was awkward cuz everyone could see my penis
Back in the old math class, big tim had quite the erection so he did the classic flipperoo, before anyone was the wiser.
by maffdizzle October 02, 2003
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